• Sir William Shawcross granted £8million for surveillance of Muslim charities


    It was announced today that Sir William Shawcross head of the charity commission for England and Wales has been granted £8million by Cameron to boost surveillance and monitoring of Muslim charities. Since the Shawcross appointment the charity commission has been used as a surveillance operation targeting Muslim charities on behalf of the state as part of the counter terrorism regime that sullies true British values. Read more

  • Henry Jackson’s Society Director Douglas Murray Uses EU’s Controversial ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Law To Hide His Extremist Lectures


    douglas murray racist

    Douglas Murray has written to Google under under the EU’s controversial ‘Right to be Forgotten’ law. He has done so to remove links to some of the Youtube videos in which he espoused his vile racism mainly in speeches given in 2009. The original source material is hard to find on Youtube. However, we found a secondary source to some of the material wherein Douglas Murray is questioned about statements he has made. He acknowledged he made them and squirms with discomfort when challenged by Keenan Malik in Radio 4’s Moral Maze. This video is a must watch. Feel free to write to Douglas and tell him politely what you think of his vile intolerant extremism [email protected]

    Douglas Murray spends much of his time talking about the threat from Islamic extremism in this country. However, his own words can only be described as those of an extremist

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  • Maajid Nawaz, the Muslim who became an Atheist and got married…Again!


    Guest post from Monkey Magic

    The marriage which many who attended have described as that between the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ took place on Saturday, 18 October 2014 between Maajid Nawaz and Rachel Maggart at the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, Tennesse.  Read more

  • What Credibility has Maajid Nawaz & the Quilliam Foundation got left after Sam Harris revelation?


    Guest post by Saul

    In case you thought Majid Nawaz and the credibility bereft Quilliam Foundation could not get any less credible, well that’s exactly what has taken place.  Read more



    Guest post by Eminem

    Usama Hasan has taken the unthinkable step in declaring the Quilliam Foundation a heresy. Read more

  • Exclusive: Nawaz heads for Pinewood


    Guest post by Ava Rightstrop

    Parliamentary candidate Maajid Nawaz has been cast as the replacement for Chris Barrie in a movie remake of “Red Dwarf” due to start filming in June 2015.   Read more

  • Sam Westrop – The Diary of a racist zionist, consumed with hate.


    Guest post from Saul

    Sam Westrop is a right-wing pro-Israel activist who has been spreading a lot of hatred in support of Israel’s recent onslaught and has thereby shown that he too is in agreement with Israel’s killing of innocent men, women and children.

    Exactly who is Sam?

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  • How did the fake Trojan Hoax gain so much traction?



    The proof has finally surfaced regarding the fake Trojan Horse letter which caused a minority community in Britain to be targeted in a war-like campaign.  One would be justified to question how in a society that has one CCTV camera for every 10 people in its population, and with it’s state of the art Tempora monitoring system, how on earth did an obviously faked letter gain so much traction?  Surely it could have been traced almost immediately?  Perhaps it was sent via a kamikaze carrier pigeon. Read more

  • The history of the self-professed Muslim leader Taj Hargey : Why people smell a Rat

    Taj the rat

    Monkey Magic

    That distinctive trademark bumbling ramble on the Niqab is something Taj Hargey has become proficient in. Quite why he is taken so seriously by mainstream media outlets is a mystery. However today the Times newspaper quotes Hargey referring to the Muslim women’s face veil as an “archaic tribal rag”. This was his intellectual response to the European court ruling that the ban on the face veil did not violate article 7 pertaining to religious freedom of expression. Considering the amount of ammunition Hargey provides to the Islamaphobes against his co-religionists people quite understandably smell a rat. And indeed they would be right to do so.

    So who is Taj Hargey:

    Taj Hargey was born in 1955 and raised in apartheid era South Africa. Hargey studied History and Oriental Studies with a minor in Arabic and Comparative Religion at University in Durban, furthered his studies by enrolling at the American University in Cairo to study Islamic History and Theology and proceeded to gain a scholarship to complete a Doctorate at the University of Oxford.

    After spending time working in South Africa and America, in 2001, Hargey returned to Oxford to become the Director of the ‘Oxford Centre for British Islam’. Taj Hargey is the founding chairman of and remains affiliated with the ‘Muslim Education Centre of Oxford’. Taj Hargey is married to a Christian.

    Hargey’s Fraudulent Past

    Whilst in the US, Hargey was exposed for lying and fraud. He campaigned to raise funds for anon existent ‘anti-apartheid newspaper’ and claimed he was a professor at the University of Cape Town, something which was later proven to be a lie. He conned money from various sources, including students. His fraudulent behaviour and lies can be read about in the original newspaper reports here, here and here. Evidently, Taj Hargey is not a trustworthy individual. Read more

  • Maajid Nawaz and “Afghan Blowback”


    Guest post from Monkey Magic

    Maajid Nawaz appeared on BBC Question Time on 26 June 2014. During a conversation about Syria and alleged dangers posed to the UK by “foreign fighters”, Maajid stated “we have all heard of the Afghan blowback… a similar thing will happen with Syria”.  Read more

  • Cartoon of the Week – Gove draining the swamp of extremism


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  • Deconstructing the Mind of Michael Gove : Neo-conservatism summed up in 6 points


    Understanding the mind of Michael Gove is a worthwhile exercise. It offers an interesting vantage point into an ideology that is responsible for so much that has gone wrong in this world. That is the ideology of neo-conservatism. In Michael Gove you have an extreme ideological bigot. His actions reflect precisely the extreme end of the ideology he and a considerable number of other politicians hold.

    Neo-conservatism embodies the following tenets of faith:

    1. Uber-nationalismis cohesive force western nations need. A strong society is built upon strong statehood and upon strong nationalistic tendencies.


    • Gove’s incessant desire to inculcate nationalism, even re-writing history if necessary, such as his take on disasters such as WW1 which led to over a million deaths. Gove insisted we should feel patriotic about this absolute shambles of a war. This even led Jeremy Paxman to refer to Gove as “a charlatan who scores cheap political points.”


    • Gove banning American literature from the school syllabus in replacement for British texts. The Education Secretary said students ought to focus on works by British writers such as Jane Austen and Shakespeare, The Sunday Times reported. Nationalism and Britishness must be injected into the education system as far as is possible. No doubt he will be furious that exam boards are considering a text by British Asian author Meera Syal. That was not what he had in mind at all.


    2. Ultra-zionism is essential. Supporting the state of Israel no matter what they do. Read more

  • Tell Mama to Tell MI5 – rebrand


    Guest post by Ava Rightstrop

    Tell Mama, a UK based organisation set up to coordinate and record Anti Muslim Attacks are to rebrand later this year on 5th November,  a date said to be chosen “to bonfire some baggage and move on”.

    The rebranding exercise will result in the organisation being called Tell MI5 with a new logo reflecting the change.

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  • Gove and Ofsted: Hypocrisy and Double Standards


    Guest Post: By Monkey Magic

    That little man, Michael Gove has been on a witch-hunt against the Muslim community which is reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition. Gove claims that schools must be protected against radicalisation and extremism in wake of the hysteria which had begun from what has now come to be known as the ‘Trojan Hoax’. Gove has now stated that all schools must promote ‘British values‘.

    Gove Distributes Bibles to Schools

    The question which naturally comes to mind is what exactly is British Values? Well, you do not have to look too far as Lil Gove himself gives us a clue. In November 2011, Gove announced that he would be sending a copy of the King James version of the Bible to all English schools and he himself would be writing a brief foreword in a special edition marking the 400th anniversary of its publication. Gove said of the Bible that:

    “It’s a thing of beauty, and it’s also an incredibly important historical artefact. It has helped shape and define the English language and is one of the keystones of our shared culture. And it is a work that has had international significance.”

    So let us get this straight, Britain is supposed to be a secular country which purportedly values multiculturalism and plurality of thought, ideologies and religions and yet, Lil Gove considers it acceptable to send Bibles to all state schools because, in his own words, it is key to “our shared culture” i.e. White, English, Christian culture.

    The main allegation thrown in the Trojan Hoax fiasco is that Muslims sought assert their views on the school, views which are considered by the likes of Goves to be dangerous such as gender segregation, view on homosexuality, and prescribed punishments such as cutting of the hands and so on.

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  • Michael Gove’s toxic assault on schools is based on naked discrimination

    Matt Kenyon on Birmingham schools

    Michael Gove’s toxic assault on schools is based on naked discrimination

    Cross Post: Guardian, Seamus Milne

    The harassment of minorities on the basis of forged documents has a grim history. So the official onslaught on mainly Muslim state schools in Birmingham, triggered by what has all the hallmarks of a fabricated letter outlining a supposed Islamist plot to take them over, should be cause for deep alarm.

    Instead, the architect of the clampdown, education secretary Michael Gove, has been hailed by the bulk of the press for standing up to “extremism”. Inspectors have now turned their attention to an alleged Islamic takeover of schools in Bradford, and a local MP has demanded action to halt the “Islamist infiltration” of east London politics.

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  • Michael Rosen’s Open letter to people of all religions, all faiths.

    Dear all I am an atheist and someone who hopes that one day we will have secular education in all schools.
    I am an atheist who believes in religious toleration. On that basis, I think we have common ground.I believe I am living in a country that does not believe in religious toleration. This is in spite of much talk about ‘British values’ which apparently refers to such things as ‘democracy’, ‘freedom’ and – ironically, ‘religious toleration’!I believe that I am living in a country that does not believe in religious toleration because one faith is being singled out for special treatment. This is not toleration, it is discrimination.

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  • Trojan Horse & The Mayor of Tower Hamlets – is a pattern emerging?

    gove trojan horse 3It is of no surprise to see an over-eager Michael Gove trying to live out the battle of good versus evil that he has outlined in his book Celsius 7/7. According to Gove Islamo-fascists are everywhere and need to be driven out by Trojan Horses. This is becoming part of a pattern. Recently the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, who is still being harangued by right wing nutters in government and their media counterparts are trying to unseat him from his democratically elected post. With Panorama documentaries and skullduggery from the usual suspects they were still unable to prevent his huge majority. They have never the less continued in a battle to de-legitimise his election victory. Now we have a witch hunt against Muslim teachers and governors of schools in Birmingham. Despite the trojan horse letter being a fraud, despite previous outstanding Ofsted ratings, it appears to have been decided that there is misconduct, when plainly evidence of it is pretty thin on the ground. Alas, it has been decreed, religious Muslims who hold some post of authority and have a whiff of anything like conservative values (or  in Gove’s vocabulary ‘extremist values’) must be weeded out. Gove’s media connections help whip up a frenzy and the hysteria is for all to behold. In particular Andrew Gilligan of the telegraph is obsessed with Muslim stories and covers both the mayor and the trojan horse stories in the most obnoxious and propagandish manner.

    The imminent Ofsted report on allegations of fundamentalist extremism in some Birmingham schools is soon to be released. It is quite obvious what we are expecting to see. A whitewash to weed out Muslims because of their faith. Very different treatment if you’re a Catholic or a Jew though.

    For instance Read more

  • Tories accused of working with extremists in Europe


    The Tories working with extremists! Well I never

    Cross Post: http: www.politics.co.uk


    David Cameron has hammered the “final nail in the coffin” of the Tory modernisation project by agreeing to work with far-right parties in Europe, Labour has said.

    Members of the Tories’ European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group in the European parliament voted to admit the Danish People’s party and the True Finns last week.

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  • Michael Gove book offers clue to Trojan horse row

    gove trojan horse

    Cross Post: Guardian newspaper

    Whether coincidence or conspiracy, it is a surprise to discover that a key chapter in Michael Gove‘s 2006 polemical book on the threat of Islamism to Britain, Celsius 7/7, is entitled The Trojan Horse.

    “Nowhere has moral clarity been more lacking in British state policy over the last ten to fifteen years than in our approach to the Islamist threat,” begins chapter eight, before detailing his belief that “a sizeable minority” of Britain’s 1.8 million Muslims hold “rejectionist Islamist views” which he compares to the threat posed by Nazism and Communism.

    It may well be that his chapter heading, foreshadowing the Trojan horse references in the suspected hoax letters alleging an Islamist plot to take over schools in Birmingham, is just a familiar literary trope. But Celsius 7/7, published in the aftermath of the London tube and bus bombings, does provide some clues to Gove’s political outlook.

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  • An open letter to Maajid Nawaz after his newsnight appearance


    Guest Post: Anonymous Muslim Community Member

    An open letter to Maajid Nawaz

     Dear Maajid,

    To my misfortune I saw you on Newsnight last night. You and your organisation the Quilliam foundation are part of a modern day industry established to propagate demon making sophistry. You along with many other similar organisations make it your business to brandish Muslims as dangerous extremists for merely believing in the dictates of their faith. You label them as enablers of terrorists and assert that they complete a circuit that leads to terrorism even if they don’t directly engage in it themselves. You are a mere stooge Read more

  • Maajid Nawaz ship hits the rocks after beaches speech



    by Ava Rightstrop

    Following on from the recent diabolical showing by the Lib Dems at the local and European elections, Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Maajid Nawaz sent an uplifting email to his local colleagues titled “We shall fight them on the beaches” to boost the morale for the upcoming general election.   What followed however has turned into a farce akin to an episode of Black Adder.   A local Lib Dem team member, who did not wish to be named told us,  “The email was fantastic, the next day Maajid suggested we get the team away for a couple of days to prepare, one can never be over prepared he told us.  Britishness just oozed out of him”.

    It transpires that Nawaz took the team to Southend on Sea for the weekend in what they believed to be a team building exercise.

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  • Moyes denies CEMMU rumours

    Guest Post: Ava Rightstrop


    Ex Manchester United Manager David Moyes has denied rumours that he had started a new organisation called the Council of Ex Managers of Man Utd (CEMMU).   An irate David Moyes reluctantly agreed to an interview to dispel such rumours.   He confirmed that he had been approached by Mariyam Namazie who runs the franchise “Council of Ex” with a view to selling Moyes the CEMMU franchise.

    Moyes told us “I met with Ms Namazie and was aghast on hearing her views.  I told her  I managed Manchester United, I loved it but it didn’t work out.  Yes there were challenges and players who didn’t play their part.  I made it very clear to her that I’m no longer a part of MUFC and I am moving on with my life.  Mariyam Namazie came across as a very damaged and twisted person and I felt sorry for her.   I suggested to her to put this Council of Ex nonsense behind her, and to also get on with her own life instead of her harping on hating on Muslims when she chooses to no longer be one.  I showed her the door, that is the extent of the CEMMU nonsense.  There is no CEMMU where I am concerned”.

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  • Chillcott Inquiry refuses to publish love letters – Whitewash!

    Cross Post: Huffington Post

    It’s not often I agree 100% with the splash headline on the front of the Daily Mail: “This shabby whitewash”. The paper explains:

    “The Iraq War inquiry was condemned as a whitewash last night after more than 150 crucial messages from Tony Blair to George W Bush were censored. Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood has vetoed the release of the letters and phone calls in the run-up to the 2003 conflict, officials revealed. In them, Mr Blair is said to have promised the US President: ‘You know, George, whatever you decide to do, I’m with you.’ The decision raises the possibility that the long-delayed findings of the £10million inquiry will be published before the general election.The official reason for the censorship is that publication would deter prime ministers from speaking freely in private. But critics said it was a shabby compromise that could fatally undermine public confidence in the findings.”

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