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harry and lucy

Well folks seeing its Valentines Day today, we thought we’d bring you a special post today, allowing us all to reminisce when Harry met Lucy.

Many of yourselves may be wondering what the connection is between Harry and Lucy?

Well some of yourselves may have come across a nasty little blog called Harrys Place (HurryUpHarry). Readers of the notoriously Pro Zionist website/blog will not be surprised at the regular postings by (largely anonymous) individuals looking to tarnish the reputations of Muslims and pro-Palestinian non-Muslims who are actively engaged in politics, media and society. It quickly becomes clear reading through the prolific posts on the blog that for HP the only ‘moderate’ Muslim and non-Muslim is one who is in favour of Neo-Conservatism & Zionism.

From thence Harry’s Place takes its cue in undermining, marginalising and maligning those individuals, particularly British Muslims, who voiced their objections to the Iraq war and its consequences in the form of increased “radicalisation” of Muslim youth in the UK.

The identity of ‘Harry’ of the eponymous blog has itself been the subject of some speculation. However it’s been said that it’s named after David T’s son, whom David wanted to grow up very quickly.

While shielding their identities behind anonymity, and in the case of ‘David T’, wilfully misleading others as to their actual names, bloggers on Harry’s Place engage in the most base slander against individuals whose names and other details they shamelessly—and with no pretence to hypocrisy—brandish on their website.

‘David T’ is actually David S Toube. His true identity was uncovered by Richard Seymour, who runs the Lenin’s Tomb blog, despite Toube’s attempt to deter others from discovering his real name. His earlier attempt to evade his identity being disclosed was revealed in a Guardian article:

David T and “Harry”, of Harry’s Place, insist on preserving their anonymity because they do not want to aggravate their employers.’

And yet the aggravation caused to those that they blog about is – of course – of no significance.

Toube previously joined the Guardian’s Comment is Free section falsely giving his surname as ‘Tate’. It is only through the uncovering of his identity by those that have often been at the receiving end of his venomous propaganda that we all know the true identity of ‘David T’.

It would seem hypocritical to any that a man such as Toube, who goes out of his way to unearth details about those whom he targets should then go to such enormous lengths to cowardly lie about his own identity. But then, such underhandedness is a reflection of the depths to which David Toube and his fellow bloggers will sink to malign others.

Collectively, the crimes of Muslim individuals, organisations and events targeted by HP are that they are not considered moderate enough. In fact, their actual crime is to be what Harry’s Place calls ‘Islamists’.

And throwing pejorative labels at Muslims is a huge fixation on Harry’s Place. Blurring distinctions and misrepresenting individuals as teetering on the brink of an extremism that justifies violence, the infamous ‘conveyor belt’ theory that leaves no tenable position for a Muslim on the political spectrum lest s/he becomes a violent extremist, is a regular tool used on Harry’s Place to subvert the conscientious objections Muslims assert over aspects of Government policy.

The term ‘Islamist’ is applied to any Muslim who doesn’t subscribe to a worldview that places religion firmly in the private sphere. More specifically, it is applied with vehemence to those Muslims whose views on politics are informed and shaped by Islam.

In labelling such individuals ‘Islamists’, those like David Toube, who use Harry’s Place as a springboard from which to promote insidious comment and engage in character assassination, attempt to render derogatory any semblance of a Muslim political identity that is not acquiescent or submissive to the prevailing paradigm. That prevailing paradigm is the championing of ‘ex Islamists’ or individuals who embrace an apolitical form of Islamic identity. Precisely because such an identity could pose no threat to the Zionist centred politics of Harry’s Place itself.

It seems to be the contention of HP that only those Muslims who deny that Islam should have any influence on political ideas and political behaviour are to be trusted as ‘moderates’. Here comes in Lucy Lips….word on the street for awhile is that Rashad Zaman Ali blogs under the name of Lucy Lips. Rashad Ali is originally from Sheffield and was part of Hizbut Tahrir, it’s been said was labelled its Learned Sage, Post HT he alongside Ed Hussain & Majid Nawaz set up the much maligned Quilliam Foundation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quilliam_(think_tank)

Rashad Ali (allegedly writes on HP under the pseudonym of Lucy Lips) left very early and joined Harris Rafiq the former head of the defunct Sufi Muslim Council to form another Anti extremism Think Tank called Centri.

Even though on Centri’s website they don’t state who funds, runs or is employed by them. http://www.centri.org.uk/CENTRI/Home.html

What is interesting that according to info openly available, his so called credentials as being a student of knowledge and so “pious”  come under question. He has alleged to plagiarised of another author. A search on sunniforum.com reveals that Ali had posted on there. In one post, Ali posts a large chunk of an article that he says was part of his “masters in Islamic law”. The reader, obviously a former personal acquaintance, contests that Ali has never completed a masters and alleges that the article was in fact written by HT member Kamal Abu Zahra.

Furthermore that there are questions about identity fraud, dealing in stolen cars, his views on lesbianism, his views on wife beating and outstanding debts. Which may have led him to being kicked out of HT. http://theislamist.wordpress.com/2007/09/26/who-is-rashad-zaman-ali/

It has been alleged that Rashad Ali moonlights as Lucy Lips and writes/posts regularly for Harrys Place attacking Islamic scholars, speakers, mosques, organisations and Isocs.  This was exposed in the comments section of one of his posts in February 2012.

Furthermore he hUJS Fringe Rashad Alias in 2013 attended and supported the UJS (Union of Jewish Students) a Zionist organisation set up to promote Israel and support Zionist students at Uni.

His latest bit of work was with the HJS (Henry Jackson Society) on putting together a spurious document attacking Jihadism etc. The HJS merged with The Centre of Social Cohesion, About a year ago the CSC merged with The Henry Jackson Society, the HJS are huge on there board are the likes of William Kristol and Richard Pearle, they are “the” “Neo Cons & Zionists” that served in President Bush administration and were architects of the Invasion of Iraq and were close to Ariel Sharon. The HJS weren’t pro Zionist org, but how they become one can followed by reading here:    http://greatersurbiton.wordpress.com/2012/08/13/alan-mendozas-putsch-in-the-henry-jackson-society/

Rumour has it his work is set to come crashing down around him, that Shaikh Abdul Haq Bewley who wrote an Endorsement wasn’t told about HJS, who they are and what they do or anything about Rashad Ali when devious closet cyber tranny aka Lucy Lips approached them about the endorsement, they were lied to and had no idea that the statement they gave would be then be doctored to turn it into an endorsement for the spuriously flawed guide by HJS.

It is also being saMufti Abu Laythid that currently the so called former learned sage of HT is now studying under a rather young well known and trendy “scholar” in Birmingham.

We hear his name is Mufti Abu Layth.

Maybe Lucy wants some fashion advice before his date tonight with Harry/David Toube!



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  1. I used to know Rashad. And if he reads this, he will know who I am.

    Your days are numbered boy.

    At least when you were with us, there was some honour in your existence, even if you disagreed with us. But now you have lied yourself into a knot that will take some serious manouvers to undo. Do you really think that your new masters will ever accept you or help you? They are using you like a lady dog, but you are convinced that its the other way round. Wake up old friend, wake up!

    On the day when a man will flee from his own mother and children to save himself, do you think your ‘friends’ will help you?

    Try public repentance and send apologies to everyone you have maligned. Uncover the network you have helped to build that is set on marginalising communities and creating an atmosphere of fear.

    Its only a matter of time before you trip up – and there are plenty of people ready to put the boot in when that happens.

  2. Max says:

    To Rashad, Majid, Usama and those like and supportive of them…

    They [think to] deceive Allah and those who believe, but they deceive not except themselves and perceive [it] not.
    Qur’an 2:9

    Be so aware that you exposed yourself to so many doubts that perhaps it entered your hearts and you don’t even perceive what you are doing anymore. And as at-Tabari and other commentators on the Qur’an mentioned that they tried to deceive others and indeed Allah deceived them. Such that even till the moment they were resurrected on the Day of Judgement they believed they were with the believers but as they approached the siraat to cross over the hellfire, they were seperated from the believers and their destination is in the worst places of Hell.

    May Allah destroy the efforts of the enemies of Allah and the hypocrites working against the Muslims. Amin.

  3. Dark Knight says:

    Rashad Ali is a utterly thorough and a complete hypocrite!

    He is as Malcolm X said a “House Negro”……the more the masses find out the truth about him, the less credible he will become. That will in the end cause him to face up to his reality, that he is a useless cretin.

    Someone needs to inform the “trendy looking mufti” about this vile hypocrite, as the snake will attempt to attack him when he least expects it, so at least he knows who he is dealing with a “Wretched Individual”!

  4. While I completely understand Dark Knight’s sentiment, to call him a complete hypocrite might be a little unfair. I am sure that Rashad Ali does not consider himself a non-Muslim who is just simply trying to pretend to be a Muslim – which would fit with the complete hypocrisy of those such as Abdullah ibn Ubay.

    That being said…there are no doubts about hypocrisy with which he acts. He consistently has presented himself as being a genuine voice for Muslims and Islam, but people cannot recognise what he brings.

    Rashad – if you are so well loved and respected among the Muslim communities of the UK, please organise a public fundraiser like any other Muslim organisation and see to what extent they come out to support you. The same goes for the Quilliam Foundation. The reality is that you would struggle to fill a hall full of 500 Muslims (actually I would even suggest 100) from a single town in the UK, because no one recognises your particular brand of nonsense.

    Also, he has now been exposed for him trying to hoodwink Shaikh Abdul Haq Bewley, our dearest respected scholar, who was given no indication of the true intent behind the dangerous Henry Jackson Society document.

    Continue to align yourself with neo-con Zionists Rashad, at the end of the day Allah allows the oppressors a short while on this Earth to simmer in the cesspool of their own ignominy. We are people of patience who would much rather prefer your guidance, but if not, to see a more fitting justice be give in an afterlife.

  5. Max says:

    @Truth be Told
    That is why the verse says the munafiqoon don’t even perceive what they are doing. They forget their lies and eventually consider them truths, the deception of theirs is dwarfed by the deception that they have fallen into about themselves. Not to specify that these individuals are clear cut munaafiqs but they certainly tick many many boxes.


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